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Mobile Device Support

Mobile Device Support

In today’s networking environment staff and customers expect to be able to connect their mobile devices to your network to access data and internet services.

Many staff now also bring their own devices (BYOD) to work and need to connect their mobiles to your companies network to receive mail and keep in touch while away from the office.

This requires careful thought and specialist support to ensure that multiple devices can be connected securely and supported.

tri-IT have a dedicated support team who have experience of connecting mobile phones and tablets, our experience also includes Apple devices, such as iPhones, Ipads, Macbooks, and IMac’s

Our Mobile Support Covers:

  • Ipad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac’s
  • Macbook’s

Most companies now expect to be able to connect their devices to receive e-mail and keep in touch while out of the office, so tri-IT support the configuration and set-up of your mobile devices to your mail and network.