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Broadband for Hotels

Wireless Broadband for Hotels

In today’s connected world a bad review on trip advisor for poor internet connection can seriously effect your hotel bookings.  Tri-it provide a free wireless survey for Hotels who are experiencing problems with Guest Internet or want to improve the speed of the Broadband they offer their guests.

Business customers now expect a high-speed broadband connection in order to stay connected to the office, the use of email, and video calls are now a part of business life. Good quality hotels need to ensure their broadband connection is fast and efficient.

While the connection to Hotel rooms can be wired Guests expect to be able to connect wirelessly, and be able to maintain the connection while moving from Restaurant to the Bar, or returning to their rooms. There is nothing more annoying to guests than having to keep logging onto the network.

Tri-it are partners for Ubiquiti Wireless Networking products providing high-speed reliable solutions to Hotels and Commercial premises. If you already have existing Cat5 connection you can easily switch to wireless access in each room by adding a Unifi AC in wall Adaptor. Providing your customers with:

  • An Ethernet wall jack access point
  • A gigabit switch
  • PoE power source.
  • Enabling your customers to connect a workstation, or power a VoIP phone.

Interest? To book your FREE WIRELESS SURVEY call 0121 764 7860.