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Hosted Services

Hosted IT Services

Whatever size of business you are today IT has become for all of us a necessary evil’ Hosting can help…

We currently provide hosted solutions which include a chain of 65 independent Chemists providing remote VPN access and back-up their specialist software accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Providing a flexible and cost-effective solution to their business.

Remove the hassle

  • Get your people working more on making a profit than keeping systems running!
  • Get more IT for your spend.
  • Cash efficient.
  • Peace of Mind.
  • Little or no management
  • Hosted (Virtual) Desktop

Tri-it will supply you with a virtual desktop direct to your desktop computer, laptop or tablet, populated to your needs to allow you to do what you need to do!

Hosted (Virtual) Server

More than just a desktop tri-IT can provide you access to a virtual server configured with all of your network needs so that you can log on from your desktop computer, laptop or tablet and use the applications on the server.

Hosted (Virtual) Server and (Virtual) Desktops

As above with the exception that virtual desktops will be accessible on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. A benefit being that from this point your hardware only has to have the ability to access the internet thereby removing any need for any on-going investment in hardware.


If you want tri-IT can host your website allowing you to get on with business with peace of mind.