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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials – Audit, Rectification, Certification

Cyber Essentials scheme is recommended for organisations looking for a base level Cybersecurity Test of their IT systems. Cyber essentials level 1 and Cyber essentials level 2 are often a prerequisite for companies looking to work on UK government and public sector contracts.

The main objective of Cyber essentials is to demonstrate that your company has implemented measures and controls to prevent and protect you from the most common forms of cyber attack.

To obtain Cyber essentials level 1 company must complete a self-assessment questionnaire, take appropriate steps to ensure the conformity of their systems and submit the finding to one of the authorised bodies for assessment.

Companies often resort to expensive consultants to undertake this task, however, we have found that while consultants understand the process, many do not have the IT skills to implement the required changes.

Tri-it will help you through the process, complete an initial assessment of your network, systems and security and assess them against the required criteria required for Cyber essentials level 1.

Following the assessment, we will provide you with a cost for the implementation of the steps required to achieve certification.

Cyber Essentials -Why use Tri-it?

  1. We have experience in implementing the requirements of Cyber essentials
  2. We have the IT skills to actually undertake any work required.
  3. You do not have to pay consultants, just to tell you what you need.
  4. Saves you time and money.

If you need to obtain Cyber essentials level 2 then we can assist you in testing your systems to ensure they conform to requirements. Tri-it have helped our customers achieve Qualys security compliance testing certification. Enabling them to pass the stringent requirements to enable them to undertake business activities worldwide.