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High Speed Broadband

tri-IT partner with Aspire technologies and Virgin to provide high speed internet connections for our customers. dependant on your requirement. As such  tri-IT can supply you with a fast shared broadband connection or a dedicated circuit providing upload and download speeds of up to 100mb per second.

tri-IT have also developed a solution for landlords with multi-tenanted buildings. Essentially a large broadband service can be supplied to the building but then be segmented and securely distributed. Tenants then receive a secure dedicated broadband connection similar in speed and performance as that offered by a leased line but at a fraction of the cost of a leased line. This in turn provides Landlords with additional income opportunity.

As well as providing a superior broadband connection, tri-IT can also provide marketing and management of the broadband service taking ownership of any on-going issues that may arise.

If you have ever dealt with BT or Virgin direct you may have experienced some of the frustration with dealing with large multinationals. Which is why our customers use tri-IT to act on their behalf removing hours of frustration and uncertainty.

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